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!!! NEW (and Newish) - School Commemorative Booklet, Derwenthaugh (Memories page), Crowley's Laws and more about the Keelmen (People page), a 1950s Sunday (Memories 4 page), Papermaking, Radio and TV personalities of the 1950's and later (Memories 2 page), Slideshows, Street by street shops (Memories page), Cigarette packets from 1950 (Memories 4 page), NEW!!!

This is a website about Swalwell, a village in North East England situated in the administrative county of Tyne and Wear, or County Durham if you prefer. (The flag represents that county).

You can find out something of Swalwell's history and of how the village has changed over the years. Also something about its industry, railways, the people who achieved fame (or notoriety), its buildings and its sport. Also you can read my own personal memories of growing up here in the post-war years with schooldays, games, pastimes, with collections of cigarette cards and packets (old brands), radio and television, cinemas and more. Finally, a brief look at how Swalwell is today and news of what is happening now.

Thanks for visiting the site. Hope you find it interesting.

Acknowledgements: Grateful thanks are due to all those who helped me with this website by supplying photographs or information. Especial thanks must go to the late Alma Willis who was a vast mine of information on the village and its history and was always more than willing to give me the benefit of her extensive knowledge. Thanks too, to other members of Swalwell Local History Society. Many thanks, also, to M Brown, R Davison, W Gardener, A Morris, N Knox, J Wilkinson, and finally, to the staff at Gateshead, Newcastle Upon Tyne and Whickham public libraries and the Tyne and Wear Archives. Any mistakes, however, are entirely my own.

Some information has been added from the former Swalwell Village website with the permission of the owner. Namely, Buildings page: Past and present vicars of Holy Trinity Church; Buildings 2: Register of Licenses held by Blaydon Magistrates until 1963, and Memories 4: Lists of former school teachers and some photographs. School Commemorative Booklet. With many thanks to Michael Gallagher.

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